Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nine Months

My little baby was 9 months old on Sunday. Where has that time gone? It seems it flew by. It definitely went by faster than the previous 9 months! ;)  He is such a sweet little boy. He is a huge joy to us, and I love him more than I ever imagined I would.

My husband takes him over to my in-laws house once a month to weigh him on my mother-in-law's scale. She has a very accurate scale, so we always use hers instead of ours, which tends to fluctuate quite a bit! He weighs 18 pounds.

Some new things in the past month:
  • Playing peek a boo! It is SO cute watching him do it. I say, "Where's David?" and he either drops his head on my lap, or turns his eyes so he can't see you, or covers his face. Then he holds it there for a minute and then pops up with this huge smile on his face when I say, "There he is!" He makes the funniest little faces and it is so fun to watch.
  • Waving! A few weeks ago we taught him how to wave, but he only did it when you would tell him to, he didn't understand the concept of waving hello or goodbye. Now when someone says hello to him, he almost always waves his hand up and down. He thinks it's lots of fun, and I think it's really cute!
  • Sickness. :(  This was not nice for him. Poor little kid cut a tooth on top (first one on top, but it's on the side, not in the front!), then he had a fever, followed by an itchy rash for a few days. We think it was Roseola. After his rash went away, he had a diaper rash that bothered him pretty bad for two days. Just as that cleared up, he got a cold! He was pretty congested for the better part of a week, and had a hard time breathing at night, and while he ate. One thing that I was glad of was that he was still very sweet and happy even though he was uncomfortable. There were times he was clearly not feeling good, yet I could tell he was really trying to be good and happy. That is such a good thing to me!
As I write this, he is sitting on my lap playing with my iPad. I'm so glad that God blessed us with him, and try to raise him to be everything God had in mind when He created David!

(using one of the five senses - touch)

(all smiles)

(is that mom I see?)

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